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Subjects taught over 8-10 weeks

Marine Science

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8-10 one hourly sessions studying palaeontology- please contact us for lesson plans.

Palaeontology is the study of animal and plant life from more than 10,000 years ago. It’s a field that takes in other scientific disciplines such as geology, chemistry, biology, and even physics.

Students will learn about the history of palaeontology, the history of our Earth in geological time periods and the processes needed to create fossils. With engaging hands on experiments and activities, the children will understand the physical, biological and chemical processes needed to preserve life from the past. We will further explore life from the dinosaur periods and early life from the oceans, exploring how we know what we know about ancient life. Using a VR headset children have the opportunity to go on their own dinosaur expedition and describe what species they have spotted. Children can make their own fossils from moulds and describe the species and the time periods they come from.

We will further look at the process of extinction and what it means for life on Earth. Our final sessions look at methods of locating and excavating fossils and investigate the time of the mammals, with particular focus on Western Australia. The term ends with fun fossil digs to excavate prehistoric Australian mammals, with the children working in teams to crack the puzzles of the pieces they find.

Human Biology