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Our science themes


Choose from the following sessions

Coral Reefs-Dive right in

Learn about our amazing oceans with this workshop introducing children to coral reefs. Where they are, what they are and how they are critical for life on earth. With fun educational activities and examining real corals, kids will become mini marine biologists and take a virtual dive on the Great Barrier Reef.

Fun with Fossils

In this fun session with sound and movement, children explore extinct life forms learn about dinosaurs, handle real fossils and become palaentologists piecing together the past making their own fossils to take home and keep!

Body Bits 1. The heart and Lungs.

Find out how our lungs work and make your own! How does our heart keep us alive, find out how delicious the blood is as its pumped through the heart!

Body Bits 2. How our Brains work. Optical illusions that trick your brain, the importance of neurones and take home your own squishy brain in a bag!

Oil Spill Science. This one is mess mess AND mess! and they LOVE it. Our tankers spill chocolate oil in Washing Bowl Bay. How do we protect our coast? how do we clean it up and how do we rescue injured wildlife?

Plant Science. How do they grow? what do they need? Make our own stems and watch the magic of transpiration, make funky coloured flowers and check out the microworld of plants with microscope. And of course do some planting

The Water Cycle

Let us take you through the most important process of Earth, what it is, how it works and why its critical for life. The children will use  visual material to illustrate each step, make their own cloud in a jar and a terrarium to take home.


Choose from the following sessions

The Magic of Static. What exactly is static, we've all experienced it, but how do we make it? Use one of natures invisible forces to make objects dance, float and glide. Magic ? Nah...Science!

What is Sound? Investigate the true power of sound waves, what are they and what can they do? from dancing liquids and jumping cornflakes, to making our own instruments.

Looking at Light. Light is amazing, why is the sea blue? the sky at sunset red? can light bend? are we seeing what we think we see? Amazing experiments that will delight. And make a cool water laser (need a darkened room for some of these experiments)

Magnetism. One of natures most astounding invisible force. What it is? where does it come from and most excitingly what can it do? move objects, watch metal fall in slow motion, make magnetic pictures. Endlessly entertaining

Extreme Earth science-(this is usually two sessions)

Earthquakes, Tsunamis and Volcanoes.

Our world is extreme. But what causes such devastating events. Make our own seismograph and find out which buildings and ground is most at risk. Make a fabulous beach then watch the devastation of a tsunami, how can we prevent it?

And who doesn't like a volcanic eruption

(of the sandpit type of course) create your own prehistoric world and watch a volcano explode over a field of dinosaurs. Will they escape?

Its just Air-its all around us but what on earth is it? Can we weigh it? and what cool stuff can it do? Propel rockets and make Cartesian divers sink to the bottom of the ocean. You'll never think the same about air again.


Engineering is all around us, our machines help us to do things that would be otherwise impossible. Learn about the amazing development of hydraulics and what it can do. Can you take up the challenge and make your own hydraulic lifter?


Choose from the following sessions

Colours of Chemistry. There's a fizz and a bubble but most of all Colour. Find out about one of the most useful tools in chemistry-Chromatography and design your own unique T shirt using it. And just what is the importance of the PH scale? watch as test tube liquids dramatically change colour as if by magic (well actually)

Polymers. Slimey, tough and lots of fun. Find out how polymers are made in nature and how we make them. make your own Non Newtonian Fluid and of course SLIME!

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