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Special Themes

Genius Scientists

We have sessions that concentrate on the work of scientists that have changed they way we think.

These sessions combine history and science.

Leonardo Da Vinci

Perhaps one of history's most well known genius. He was a chemist, engineer, biologist, artists, writer and thinker. Marvel at his designs that were centuries ahead of his time. Make simple flying machines, bombard the castle battlements with Leonardo's trebuchet and discover one of histories best kept secrets-medieval robots!

Sir Issac Newton

He didn't just get hit by an apple! Issac Newton changed the World with his understanding of Mathematics and his three laws of motion. Test gravity (it's not what you think), and experiment with inertia, friction and force. A true genius of history

Rosalind Franklin

A pioneer of the discovery of DNA. Investigate the stuff of life!

Caroline Herschel

An amazing astronomer discovering comets and star clusters. A discovery of our Universe.

Mary Anning

Albert Einstein

Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace

Isobel Bennet

Event Themed

Christmas Science

Its Christmas and there's magic in the air.

But guess what?

There's science too!

Watch as candy canes disappear, make beautiful rainbows in jars, Cartesian Christmas trees and of course experiment with chocolate. But best of all -MAKE SNOW!

Easter Science

coming soon

Spooky Science

coming soon

The Science Of Magic

Let us turn your room into the Potions Lab at Hogwarts!

Who wouldn't want to be like Harry and his magical friends.

Make things float, explode, move towards you, glow and magically light up. A bit of everything in our dungeons!

After entering the potions lab you will be given a list of spells and using the magic of science-recreate them

Step inside and let secrets be revealed

Wingardium Leviosa!!

(this theme requires a relatively dark room)

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